Why is my beautiful body “Plus Size” in lingerie?

•April 20, 2012 • Leave a Comment

I don’t know about you but the more I see and hear the word “plus size” as a description of lingerie or anything bigger than a size 16, the more I want to smack someone with a wafer thin biscuit! It’s not that I find it offensive that bigger sizes need to be categorised, but the term PLUS SIZE conjures up bellowing sheet like dresses blowing in the wind.

plus size lingerie

Doesn't it iritate you when they call your beautiful body "Plus Size" in lingerie?

Looking online at Men’s Fashion, terms like OUTSIZE crop up, which is a billion times worse, and would probably result in shops selling these outrageous labels being blown up by cake loving PLUS size trouble makers. Lets call them ANGRY BIRDS, and get sued by Rovio. What is happening to our sense of style and fashion morals? Do the ladies of Paris and Italy subject themselves to such size ist minging rudeness? I doubt it.

These style conscious curvy Senoritas just deal in numbers, and no shop assistant worth her weight in Green & Blacks would dare suggest that “Madam might like to try the plus size range?” Punch, thud, and slam. Infact just check out the measurement ratio in Europe to the UK. Those olive oil loving Sex Godess’s are not afraid of being middle aged in their dress sizes.. UK-16 = EUROPE – 42 Why then are we suddenly stamped with the Plus Factor once we hit a UK 18? Who said this was Fashion law? What skinny sizest (possibly male designer) said we had to conform to their fattest word regime? I say we need to invent a new word to replace PLUS SIZE. Let’s have a worldwide re-launch of the curvy bird brand. Actually let’s contact ROVIO, and get them to re-model those pesky little birds in basques and stockings with swinging bosoms that launch cakes into the high street! Suggestions on a postcard please! Life’s too short to be shy!

Miss Venga x

P.S. How does it make you feel when you shop in the “Plus Size” section and you know your body is perfect just the way it is?